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Viva La Morena - About the Company

Quality and Tradition

As the leader in the chiles and peppers category, La Morena has been providing US consumers with the highest quality products made in the style and with the taste of the authentic Mexican home and traditional recipes for over 25 years. A La Morena customer is one who appreciates quality and tradition – just as their philosophy implies.

La Morena has a strong presence in Mexico, the US and Europe offering quality products and growing in their leadership position in the category.



Our mission is offer to our clients and consumers the highest quality food products made with meticulous work, differentiated processes and high quality standards, all while bringing the traditional recipes and flavors of a Mexican home to life!



Our propose is to have a strong presence in both our home country of Mexico, but also in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries where Mexican foods are growing in popularity and demand. We are leaders in the Hispanic consumer packaged food goods industry through our innovation, thought leadership, manufacturing efficiency and quality. We want to keep close to our clients and consumers, and live our philosophy.



On October 27, 1970, “Productos Alimenticios LA MORENA S. A.” started operations. Its name honors the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Mexican patron saint. From September 8, 1970, to date, the operations of this organization have kept growing, due to the solid and exemplary philosophy established by its founders, whose core values are respect for the human kind, tradition and religious attachment.

Now, following the same line, company’s managers take on new projects, trying to arrange modern business plans that allow them to face important challenges, such as new markets’ opening, administrative and social structures’ changing, implementation of pioneering IT methodologies and creating of simplified organizational schemes, based on the quality and competitiveness of products; all due to the era of globalization.


Currently, LA MORENA employs 1,800 workers, and runs two production plants totaling at least 43,000 square meters, located in Rafael Lara Grajales, Puebla and Huamantla, Tlaxcala. The LA MORENA team works hard to meet the expectations of customers, to supply quality products.

The company’s commitment is synthesized in the slogan ‘Quality and Tradition’, which portrays perfectly the philosophy of its managers, which has translated in direct benefits for personnel and indirect earnings to the geographical area where LA MORENA has its headquarters. In this way, LA MORENA has contributed to the realization of social and humanitarian projects, supporting to the community and the people of the region, and earning the recognition of the general population.

For more than 45 years of work, LA MORENA has preserved the Mexican home’s flavor and tradition in its products, which are manufactured by processes whose main focus is the hand of man, what allows respecting the original recipes and offering food of the highest quality.